Singapore – Asian metropolis of the modern

It’s hard to find a city in Asia, which is more ideal for a stop over than Singapore. Lufthansa
and Singapore Airlines offer nonstop flights with the A380, that beam you to another world in just 12 hours. The tiny city state was our starting and ending point of our holidays in Malaysia.

Especially for Asia newbies it’s the perfect metropolis to acclimatize. Modern skyscrapers and shopping malls, the pleasure island Sentosa and the world famous zoo reflect the western influence. The lively food courts and Little India on the other hand give the opportunity to smell the exotic aromas and to maximize the desire for “more”.

The real landmark of Singapore is the Marina Bay Sands. Tons of sand were banked up to extend the limited building space. Many people criticized that project because the rare sand supposedly was acquired illegally without taking care of the nature.

This seems to fade away as soon as you come closer to the Marina Bay Sands. The three towers complex at the coast rises up to a height of 191 meters and provides an unique pool atop which offers fantastic views of the skyline and the South China Sea. If you want to make your Facebook friends jealous with photos from the pool, you have to pay a lot of money – taking a bath in the refreshing water is only allowed for hotel guests. But there is a good alternative for non hotel guests. Take a drink at the hotel’s rooftop bar. With a cocktail in your hand the city’s skyline at night seem to twinkle even more. Welcome to Singapore. Welcome to Asia.


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