Grand Canyon and Route 66 – An american dream

The dream of all america fans becomes true while driving in your car on the famous Route 66 heading Grand Canyon. Since years the Route 66 is no longer an important highway of the United States. Nevertheless Big parts of it are still conserved and open for cars known as the Historical Route 66. Lovable bars, gas stations and museums keep the spirit of former times alive. Rusty oldtimers along the road are beautiful photo opportunities and give a good contrast to the sparse landscape around them.

You have to decide to which rim you want so visit, if you just have one or two days for the Grand Canyon. Not an easy decision due to the fact that each part has its own appeal. Most of the visitors are attracted by the West and South Rim. The West Rim has the best location coming from Las Vegas (just 120 miles). In addition it tempts with a high class attraction – the Skywalk. The Colorado River cut through the stone in a depth of about 1100 meters (3600 feet). Thanks of the Skywalk the mighty visitors can look down for several hundred feet. Unfortunately taking photos or filming with your own equipment is prohibited on the Skywalk.

The South Rim is not as deep as its counterpart in the west, but it’s much wider. There you can find the “classic” view most people have in their minds when thinking about the Grand Canyon. Don’t miss the chance to see the sunset. The colours change every minute until shortly before twilight the canyon is painted in gorgeous red light. Special hint: Leave your camera aside for a moment so you can enjoy the atmosphere. 🙂

Wiliams – a tiny town is an ideal place for the night. It’s next to the Route 66 and just 60 miles away from the Grand Canyon. We had a good sleep in the cozy Buffalo Pointe Inn, Don’t expect a luxury hotel but an accomodation with charme and likable owners.

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